Briscoe Interviewed by ESPN

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Nov 18, 04:02 PM

Marlin was interviewd by ESPN. They are doing a story on the history of the QB position. Along with Marlin, they interviewed Joe Namath, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, etc. The story will run on Dec 14th.


F. D. Gatlin or Fred Gatlin
Dec 11, 08:24 PM
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I am a former quarterback myself. I played at the University of Nevada 89-92. First black quarterback to ever play at the University. Three conference championships. Rookie of the year 89. MVP 89, 91. (Highlights on Youtube “FredGatlin”) I also played in the CFL behind Doug Flutie with the Calgary Stampeders. I just want to say, I almost cried when I saw the Marline Briscoe’s story. He really paved the way for all of us black quarterbacks. I will forever be grateful! I am proud to be a part of the ESPN “Year of the QuarterbacK” I am one of the quarterbacks in the slow motion segments. We are all wearing #11. We also have blue uniforms on. I’m the black quarterback. (lol) I have to meet Marline Briscoe, so I can tell my kids that I met a true legend. (Other website:

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