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We can find inspiration almost anywhere, but Marlin Briscoe’s life will teach us the gratest leson in life: Persistence.

NFL star Marlin Briscoe was born on September 10, 1945 in Oakland, California. When he was a kid, he used to be the target of bullies and would always go home and complain about it. One day, his uncle Bob Rose told him that he was going to give him a present that will change this situation forever. He gave him the “magic box”; inside was used athletic equipment for all kind of sports: baseball, boxing and of course football.

His uncle urged him to play sports to gain confidence and, most importantly, never again be a bully’s target. So Marlin Briscoe did just that. He learned to play everything, and from an early age he was a dedicated athlete; for him there was no rain or snow that could stop him. He eventually became a quarterback at Omaha High School and Omaha University.

His promising career took off in 1968 when he was drafted in the 14th-round to the Denver Broncos as a defensive back. His former coach advised him to negotiate in his contract for a 3-day opened training camp as a quarterback. When the time came to show his quarterback skills at the camp, he delivered five of the most amazing throws that would open the door for him one day.

That day came on September 29, 1968. After current quarterback Steve Tensi suffered a broken collarbone and the other quarterbacks poor performance, Marlin came to play this position in the last quarter of the game. His first play was a completed 22 yard pass, and he went on to almost make a comeback for the team to win the game.

On October 6th 1968, Briscoe became the starting quarterback for the Broncos and the first African-American professional quarterback in history of the NFL. Briscoe finally proved that he was born to become a quarterback. After 11 games played in this position, he was nominated and became the runner up for Rookie of the Year.

After one season, the Denver Broncos released him from his contract. Marlin knew that to keep playing the game that he loved, he needed to switch positions. He started training as a wide receiver and went to play for the Buffalo Bills. He won the title of most touchdown catches for 3 consecutive seasons and was named “Lead in Total Receptions” for two years.

Everybody was astonished with Briscoe’s potential, and Don Shula, head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 1971, was no exception. He traded for Marlin Briscoe from the Buffalo Bills in the first round draft. As part of the Miami Dolphins, Briscoe won 2 Super Bowls as a wide receiver and became part of the 1972 undefeated team. Before his retirement in 1976, he played for the San Diego Chargers, the Detroit Lyons, and the New England Patriots, delivering his best with each team.

After his football career ended, he moved to Los Angeles to become a successful broker and he realized that things came a little too easy for him. His life took a complete spin, partying too much and making bad choices that lead him to a drug addiction that lasted around 10 years and left him broke, homeless and almost dead.

The year of 1990 was the re-birth year for Marlin Briscoe. After being released from a San Diego County Jail, his life took a twist for the better. He moved back to LA and began to teach and coach football at a Southern California high school. He also became a volunteer at the Boys and Girls club in Long Beach, where he is now a mentor and director of the institution.

Marlin Briscoe’s life is a story that needs to be told to future generations to pay tribute to a legend. West Omaha Films is taking his life to the big screen, from his early years in Omaha, Nebraska, to racial confrontations and near-death personal struggles in his future. The film will be titled “The Magician” and tells the true story of Marlin Briscoe, professional football’s first black starting quarterback.

About West Omaha Films

West Omaha Films, LLC was created by John Beasley, David B. Clark and Terry Hanna to shed light on inspirational, human life stories that deserve to be told. West Omaha Films is involved in all aspects of film production, from screenplay development and raising investor capital to principle filming and distribution. The current project of West Omaha Films, The Magician, is a film based on the life of Marlin Briscoe, professional football’s first starting black quarterback.

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