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Feb 07, 04:26 PM

Thanks for visiting the official website of The Magician, the untold story of Marlin Briscoe — professional football’s first black starting quarterback. Through his rise from the racially-divided housing projects of south Omaha to the top of the world as a member of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins, The Magician takes you through all of Marlin’s highs, as well as his meteoric fall from glory at the hands of addiction. We hope you’ll follow our progress and check back often, as we try to do Marlin’s story justice. Please use this blog to share your personal stories of discrimination and addiction and how you, like Marlin, were able to persevere. We welcome you to also share your thoughts and insights on independent film production. Or just say, “Hi.” Again, thanks for stopping by.


Malcolm W. Adams
Feb 09, 04:11 PM
# 1

Congratulations on a great website for a great human being. Marlin is a dear friend and a homeboy. I personally observed many chapters of his rise, fall and redemption. His story is a compelling one that deserves to be shared with the world. Marlin “The Magician” is someone who has always had the remarkable ability to win regardless of the odds. He is a true and enduring champion in every sense of the word. His story is an inspiration to any one who is facing adversity in life in their struggle to succeed. All best wishes for a successful film on the life a man whose recognition is long overdue.
Big Up, Marlin Briscoe! Bless Up, “The Magician”!

Malcolm W. (Skippy) Adams
President & Executive Producer
Totown Communications Group Japan
Kakegawa City, Shizuoka, Japan
(Native Omahan)

Becky Moore
Feb 10, 05:56 PM
# 2

Marlin, the man is awesome! A true pioneer with a heart of gold! A champion in every sense of the word!

Feb 12, 03:49 PM
# 3

What a great story! I can’t wait to hear the progress… I’ll be following on the website. Best of luck with the Briscoe project!

Jamilah Shabazz/aka madeline sayers
Feb 15, 10:04 AM
# 4

HOMEBOY! I love you and am STILL VERY PROUD to be able to say that. Never gave up on you, may God continue to BLESS you in ALL that you ever do. Best of everything, to you, wish I could come to the premier of the movie. So glad to know Beasley is involved. How can I be?! in St. Louis.


Briscoe Movie
Feb 15, 03:54 PM
# 5

Thanks for the blog posts. Keep spreading the news on the website and we’ll be posting new questions soon to everyone. By the way, Marlin will be featured on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain on February 20th… so tune in. Thanks again.

Dwight Bailey
Feb 15, 08:20 PM
# 6

I’m not an Omaha native but attended college with Marlin as a freshman during his senior year. I got to know him well and considered him a friend. I last saw Marlin right before I moved from Omaha in 1976 when we played tennis together at my apartment complex.I kept up with his ups and downs through mutual friends and am glad to see the brother’s back on top. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

Dwight Bailey
Stone Mountain GA.

Darvel George
Feb 17, 07:54 AM
# 7

Mr. Briscoe, I look forward to seeing your movie and thank you again for helping me with my black history project on the first black starting quarterback.

Darvel George
Age 11
Cleveland, Ohio

Steve Hudson
Feb 19, 10:34 AM
# 8

Cool! Can’t wait for the movie. Sounds like a really interesting story.

Mar 04, 03:31 PM
# 9

Thanks for everyone’s comments on this blog page. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and please keep spreading the word about the website. Take care and keep checking back… we are making great progress on the project! MB

J.Edward Moore
Mar 05, 09:59 AM
# 10

It is my pleasure to be able to see a long overdue tribute to a personal friend,awesome athete and fine human being.
Life has a lot of ups and downs and you have witness both.You have shown the abitiy to meet and exceed expections made by the world and yourself.
Your story is one to be shared because you living proof that with faith and hard work you can achieve and succeed against all odds.
John Beasley congratulations on this project and thank you for great and memorable moments you have shared in your film and acting career.

Rahiim Abdul Ahmed

Robert W. McDonald (Bobby Mac)
Mar 20, 03:07 PM
# 11

My K A Psi Big Bro. Bris is definetly one of my all time heroes. Thanks Johnny B. for bringing this long over due story to the world. I can’nt wait to help out, HOWEVER I Can!!! Ya’ll are in for a treat when this story hits.

Robert W. McDonald
Bobby Mac to the Near North Siders

Carolyn Barnes (Whiteside)
Apr 18, 12:58 PM
# 12

Marlin, I wondered whatever happened to you. I am so proud that you have gotten your life together. May God continue to bless you and always keep him first in your life and everything will be alright. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn Barnes (Whiteside) from Omaha, NE

Rodger Ulmar
May 24, 08:59 AM
# 13

Hey Bris. Not only are you a gifted athlete but you have shown resilency in reconstructing your life. I can’t wait to see your movie….you still can’t hit my curve ball.

Dave Petrelius
Aug 18, 01:25 PM
# 14

Just curious – how did you come up with the title? Coincidentally?? – “The Magician” is the same title I used in a treatment for Disney some four years ago. And it hasn’t got anything to do withg Marlin’s skill on a football field, right? Let me know. Thanks.

Briscoe Movie
Sep 01, 11:55 AM
# 15

Hi Dave. The Magician has been Marlin’s nickname on the football field since his college playing days at Omaha University. Thanks Dave.

Oct 23, 04:44 PM
# 16

Marlin – I always admired your talent and tenacity. We fall down but some of us do get back up. This movie is long overdue! Peace and blessings to you. Your homegirl,

Dave Petrelius
Oct 27, 02:55 AM
# 17

For the record, “The Magician” has indeed been Marlin’s nickname since college and before, but it was because of his basketball skills – not football.

robert copeland
Nov 05, 09:40 AM
# 18

Marlon, you were one of the players who generated my interest in the AFL back in the Sixties.I remember you as both a Bronco and Dolphin

tony jensen
Feb 14, 08:32 AM
# 19

Marlin happy to see you receiving your just rewards for the many years of hard work in the classroom,sports field society from the projects in south omaha to the contributions you are making today.proud to have played little league baseball and football for LADCO 1958 along with butch krebs,terry montgomery and who can forget water gully. that team picture still hangs on my wall and I see you guys every day and I feel good about being part of that team. GOOD LUCK ,

Ron Flagge
Feb 23, 11:03 AM
# 20

It’s about time someone is doing Marlin’s story.

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