West Omaha Films going to Philadelphia

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Aug 06, 04:52 PM

West Omaha Films has meetings with potential investors for the project the week of August 10th.


Ed Sadowski
Aug 10, 11:42 AM
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Hi, growing up in Denver, I was a young fan of Marlin the Magician, electrified by his play on the field. I was deeply disappointed when he didn’t get a fair chance to stay as a Broncos’ quarterback, leaving me to wonder “what if…”

I am glad to see that his story will have a chance to be told on the silver screen. I am looking forward to the realization and release of this film, because it will be an important story to be shared for those who are not aware of him.

I wish you the very best!

Ed Sadowski

Marlin Briscoe Movie - The Magician
Sep 09, 04:04 PM
# 2

Thanks for the email and for your support. Keep checking back to the website… we’ll have some great news in the weeks ahead!

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