WOF Promotes at Super Bowl and Meets Potential Investors

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Feb 06, 04:50 PM

West Omaha Films had a successful Super Bowl in Dallas. WOF attended the NFL Player’s Wives Fashion Show, Tony Dorsett’s Super Bowl Party, EA Sports Party, W Hotel Party Before the BIG Party, and Kevin Dillon’s (Johnny Drama on Entourage) Playboy Super Bowl Party. We had great meetings with potential investors and things are coming into place fast.


Jeff Young
Mar 29, 08:43 AM
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My family moved to Buffalo in 1968 and in 1969, when I was 8, I began following the Bills as a fan. You were the first real star on the team that I remember. Killed me when you were traded to Miami but I rooted for you all those years.

Really hope this film gets made. I think it would be a great film and pray that all goes well with you.

God bless.

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